Chapter 1 Introduction

2 minutes

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Invest Northern Ireland ICT Sector Lead, Conor Dunbar, introduces the webinar which outlines how Digital ICT companies can benefit from the Assured Skills Programme.

Chapter 2 - What is the Assured Skills Programme?

25 minutes

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Martin McKee from the Assured Skills Team in the Department for the Economy outlines the scheme and how Digital ICT companies can apply.

Chapter 3 - Assured Skills programme delivery model

11 minutes

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Siobhan Lyons from Belfast MET explains how the Assured Skills programme is delivered.

Chapter 4 - Q&A

19 minutes

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Martin McKee from the Assured Skills Team at the Department for the Economy and Siobhan Lyons from Belfast Met answer queries from Digital ICT firms on the Assured Skills Programme.

Assured Skills Pre-Employment Training for Digital ICT companies

When a company is creating jobs in Northern Ireland, the Assured Skills Programme can help them access new talent and skills through the delivery of pre-employment training academies.

The Assured Skills programme is a short, demand-led, pre-employment training programme and is fully funded by the Department for the Economy. It upskills individuals and helps them compete for guaranteed job vacancies in expanding businesses or new foreign direct investment (FDI) companies.

The Academy Model is flexible and versatile, and has been used to help companies recruit new staff in areas such as software development, data analytics, cyber security and software testing. Academies can be delivered for one company where there are sufficient job vacancies, or as Collaborative Academies for more than one recruiting company.

This video tutorial is a recording of a recent webinar and will help you better understand the Assured Skills programme and the opportunities it can provide employers. 

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