Preview image for the video "Chapter 1 - Data Centres - Sam Knox, Invest NI - Welcome".

Chapter 1 – Welcome

3 minutes

Video Overview

Sam Knox from Invest NI highlights how the Covid 19 crisis has disrupted economies across the globe and how investment in digital infrastructure can offer a route to economic recovery.

Preview image for the video "Chapter 2 - Data Centres - John Haran, HMC Global - Sector Overview".

Chapter 2 – Sector Overview

20 minutes

Video Overview

John Haran is from HMC Global and he provides the Sector Overview highlighting the various types of Data Centres and how the sector is evolving through growing demand for cloud, data centre colocation and rapidly increasing data traffic due to online shopping, the introduction of disruptive and enabling technologies and cloud-based services like entertainment.

Preview image for the video "Chapter 3 - Data Centres - Garry Connolly, HOST In Ireland - Supply Chain Case Studies".

Chapter 3 - Supply Chain Case Studies - HOST in Ireland

19 minutes

Video Overview

Garry Connolly is from HOST In Ireland, an industry-led initiative to promote Ireland as a location to host digital assets, promote jobs and industry-related events.

Preview image for the video "Chapter 4 - Data Centres - Gareth Graham, Caterpillar - Supply Chain Case Studies".

Chapter 4 - Supply Chain Case Studies – Caterpillar

7 minutes

Video Overview

Gareth Graham represents Caterpillar who specialise in the provision of stand-by power generation for the data centres globally.

Preview image for the video "Chapter 5 - Data Centres - Nick Turberville, Invest NI - Emerging Projects and Market Research".

Chapter 5 – Data Centre Supply Chain – GB Opportunities

7 minutes

Video Overview

Nick Turberville from Invest NI highlights the Emerging Projects and how to access Market Research. 

Preview image for the video "Chapter 6 - Data Centres - Paul Besley, Prescient Data Centres - Data Centre Case Studies".

Chapter 6 – Data Centre Case Studies – Prescient Data Centres

13 minutes

Video Overview

Paul Besley from Prescient Data Centres provides an overview of the components needed for the provision of the new Data Centre in Coleraine.

Preview image for the video "Chapter 7  - Data Centres - Brian Doherty, Atlantic Hub - Data Centre Case Studies".

Chapter 7 – Data Centres Case Studies – Atlantic Hub

7 minutes

Video Overview

Brian Doherty of Atlantic Hub provides an overview of how the data centre plans are progressing for a new data centre at Campsie.

Preview image for the video "Chapter 8 - Data Centres - Richard Elliott, Invest NI - Trade Support and next Steps".

Chapter 8 – Trade Support, Exhibitions of Interest & Next Steps

5 minutes

Video Overview

Richard Elliott from Invest NI highlights the Trade Support and the Next Steps business can take to access opportunities in this growth sector.

Business Opportunities in Data Centres

The global Data Centre Construction Market is expected to reach annual investment of $32 billion by 2025 and Northern Ireland has a strong capability in the provision of products and services to the sector. 

This webinar is about understanding the supply chain and identifying opportunities for companies during construction, the post-construction market for operation, maintenance and facility upgrades and the growing demand for the data centres to be powered by renewable energy.

You will also find out about Invest NI support to help you access this growth market. 

81 minutes
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