Chapter 1 - Introduction - Grainne McVeigh

5 minutes

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Grainne McVeigh welcomes & introduces the speakers and how the webinar will explain the principles of the circular economy, discuss the emerging opportunities for local business and highlight the emerging strategy in Northern Ireland.

Chapter 2 - Introduction to Circular Economy Concepts – Debbie Nesbitt, RPS

23 minutes

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Debbie Nesbitt from RPS looks at defining the term circular economy, taking a look at circular economy principles and how a circular economy works. She looks at the potential business benefits associated with embracing more circular practices and at various circular economy business models before showcasing case studies and examples of circular economy and practice in the business setting.

Chapter 3 - Circular Economy Strategic Framework for Northern Ireland – Alberta Pauley, Department for the Economy

13 minutes

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Alberta Pauley, Department for the Economy, discusses the aims of the circular economy strategic framework, such as gaining a more joined up activity between government departments , councils, the private sector and the third sector on circular economy issues and the development of a central repository for circular economy activities to provide information and advice.

Chapter 4 - Support from Invest NI – Gillian Stewart

13 minutes

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Gillian Stewart, Technical Advisor, Invest NI looks at how the Energy and Resource Efficiency team can help businesses improve their resource efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and assist companies with a shift towards a more circular economy.

Chapter 5 - Q&A

12 minutes

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The tutorial concludes with a question and answer session. 

Capitalising on the Circular Economy

Businesses that adopt the principles of the circular economy can reap significant financial and reputational benefits while positively contributing to global climate change targets. 

A circular economy encourages innovation, increases growth, and creates sustainable employment – and if local businesses transition to operating a circular economy, the impact will be felt across society. Both globally and locally, governments are in the process of legislating for and promoting circular economy models. 

This tutorial will explain the principles of the circular economy and discuss the opportunities which exist for local businesses. It will highlight the emerging strategy in Northern Ireland and help your business get ahead of the curve.

66 minutes
5 videos