Chapter 1 - Introduction - Grainne McVeigh

7 minutes

Video Overview

Grainne McVeigh welcomes & introduces the speakers and explains the webinar will outline the major business opportunities that exist, how do we recover and where are these new opportunities?

Chapter 2 - Emerging Projects and Supply Chains - Simon Forster, Shearwater Wind

16 minutes

Video Overview

Simon Forster, Shearwater Wind talks about the uniqueness of the Shearwater wind farm in relation to Northern Ireland. He explains the parameters and the dimensions of the wind farm, where the power will go, what are the resulting benefits for this project and for projects that will follow for Northern Ireland.

Chapter 3 - Emerging Projects and Supply Chains - Mark Dixon, Cerulean Winds

15 minutes

Video Overview

Mark Dixon, Cerulean Winds presents Cerulean’s Scheme for decarbonising the upstream offshore oil and gas facilities in the United Kingdom, what opportunities this presents to the UK supply chain and the types of jobs and skills that are required for that.

Chapter 4 - Emerging Projects and Supply Chains - Davey Hill, SeaSource Offshore

7 minutes

Video Overview

Davey Hill, SeaSource Offshore talks about offshore renewables, opportunities that came from that and how innovation meets tradition.

Chapter 5 - Sector Collaboration - UK Supply Chain – Allan Taylor, BEIS Clean Energy Team

17 minutes

Video Overview

Allan Taylor, BEIS Clean Energy Team talks about emerging opportunities in offshore wind, how you can support investment in offshore wind and build up the supply chain in offshore wind.

Chapter 6 - Sector Collaboration - Irish Supply Chain – Liam Curran, Enterprise Ireland

27 minutes

Video Overview

Liam Curran, Enterprise Ireland discusses offshore wind clusters, their strengths, progress and new key opportunities.

Chapter 7 - Skills Development – Michael Harris, DfE

14 minutes

Video Overview

Michael Harris, DfE provides information on the department’s apprenticeships NI and higher level apprenticeship schemes. Also the department’s work to support apprenticeships during Covid and where you can find more information. 

Chapter 8 - Emerging Technologies and Support from Invest NI – Sam Knox

3 minutes

Video Overview

Sam Knox highlights the support available from Invest NI.

Chapter 9 - Q&A

28 minutes

Video Overview

Sam Knox goes through all the questions participants sent through during the course of the webinar and the speakers provide the answers.

Emerging opportunities in offshore wind

With the drive towards a net zero future by 2050, the UK and Irish Governments have set ambitious policies to achieve this using the natural resource of offshore wind, which will play a bigger role in the energy mix. This requires a huge expansion in wind energy and the associated supply chains as it plays an increasingly important role in the economy.

A key part of delivering this will be to build new capacity and skills in local companies. In this tutorial, you will hear from local companies who have existing capability in offshore wind and find out how they can diversify into this growth sector.

134 minutes
9 videos