Chapter 1 - Changes to Chemical Regimes BPR / PPP

26 minutes

Video Overview

Louis Burns gives an introduction to the presentation and Nicola Gregg provides guidance on the changes affecting the Biocidal Products Regulation as a result of EU Exit with a focus on the impact for NI Businesses as a result of NI remaining aligned to EU Regulations.

Chapter 2 - Plant Protection Product (PPP) regulation after the Transition Period

18 minutes

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Duncan Williams details the current PPP regime and changes business in both GB and NI need to be aware of post transition period and Rachel Brown highlights the operational considerations for businesses and what they should be doing now.

Chapter 3 - Questions/Answers

12 minutes

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The presenters answer a number of questions and provide useful links for further information.

EU Exit | Changes to Chemical Regimes BPR / PPP

In this webinar hosted by Louis Burns Deputy Chief Executive of the Health and Safety Executive NI, Nicola Gregg and Pierre Cruse from the Chemical Regulations Division (HSE) provide an overview of the current Biocidal Products Regulations and what will change post transition period followed by Duncan Williams (DEFRA) and Rachel Brown (HSE) who provide an overview and commentary on how the Plant Protection Product regulations will be applied after the 31 December.

56 minutes
3 videos