Chapter 1 - UK REACH at the end of the Transition Period and what it means for Northern Ireland businesses

24 minutes

Video Overview

Introduction from Louis Burns (HSENI) followed by Alun Williams (DEFRA) who outlines when EU REACH and UK REACH will apply to Northern Ireland businesses and the required procedures to be followed from January 1 2021.

Chapter 2 - Classification, Labelling, Packaging (CLP) rules post EU Exit and overview of Prior Informed Consent (PIC) changes

22 minutes

Video Overview

Frances McGuigan from HSE (GB) details the policy and legal changes to the Classification, Labelling, Packaging (CLP) rules post EU Exit. He explains how these changes will impact on Northern Ireland businesses and provides a useful summary of practical actions business can take now to ensure readiness for changes to CLP arrangements.

Frances also gives a brief overview of the impact of EU Exit on Prior Informed Consent (PIC) rules and the administrative requirements for NI businesses who will remain aligned to EU PIC regulations.

Chapter 3 - Questions and Answers

13 minutes

Video Overview

Louis, Alun and Frances answer questions and a number of useful links for further guidance and information are provided at the close of the presentation.

EU Exit | Changes to Chemical Regimes REACH / CLP / PIC

In this webinar host Louis Burns, Deputy Chief Executive of the Health and Safety Executive NI, along with Alun Williams (DEFRA) and Francis McGuigan (HSEGB) provide an overview of the changes to the chemical regimes of REACH, CLP and PIC and how they will be regulated post EU Exit, highlighting the potential consequences for business in Northern Ireland, which will remain aligned to EU rules.

59 minutes
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