Chapter 1 - What will change under the NI Protocol including customs implications of leaving the EU Single Market and Customs Union

23 minutes

Video Overview

Anna explains the background to the NI Protocol and what it could mean in practice for businesses.

Chapter 2 - Potential documentation requirements and checks for NI importers

20 minutes

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Anna discusses the potential documentation requirements from January 2021 to allow NI businesses to import and export goods. This includes an overview of entry declarations, customs declarations, transport and commercial documents, documents to prove destination and origin. 

Chapter 3 - Potential requirements for NI exporters including a transit of goods to EU via GB

12 minutes

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Anna examines the potential documentation requirements for NI exporters including reviewing unfettered access and exceptions to this access.

Chapter 4 - How would the future relationship impact the border and what can businesses do to prepare?

9 minutes

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Anna discusses how differing future relationships could impact on NI business including a UK-EU trade agreement and regulatory divergence. Anna also gives an overview of what businesses can do now to prepare for these changes including a business checklist. 

Chapter 5 - Q&A and Discussion

17 minutes

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David Roberts Strategic Policy Manager in Invest NI puts audience questions to Anna.

EU Exit - Northern Ireland and Customs - Implications of the Northern Ireland Protocol

In this webinar international trade expert Dr Anna Jerzewska delivers a presentation and answers questions on the implications of the Northern Ireland Protocol. Anna examines context, background, clarity on what decisions are outstanding, what the protocol means to businesses, the challenges ahead and what business can do now to prepare.

81 minutes
5 videos