Chapter 1 - Trader Support Service overview of the simplified declaration process for GB-NI goods movement

15 minutes

Video Overview

Shaker Singham gives an overview of the service TSS provides, metrics to date and a recap of the GB-NI simplified declaration process, including where the supplementary declarations fit into the process.

Chapter 2 - Supplementary declaration process available for your goods movement and the tariff options

27 minutes

Video Overview

Frank Dunsmuir and Shanker Singham explain the process of supplementary declarations including timeline and links to user guides. This chapter covers key points required for supplementary declarations and a decision tree showing the tariff options available for GB – NI and ROW- NI goods movement including the UK Trade Scheme and duty waiver.

This chapter concludes with an overview of the options for minimising your tariff exposure. 

Chapter 3 - Enhancements to Simplified Frontier Declarations for Controlled Goods

10 minutes

Video Overview

Frank Dunsmuir gives an update on the enhanced license and certificate information required to complete the Simplified Frontier Declarations for Controlled Goods. He explains the roles and responsibilities of buyers and sellers and provides an overview of the GB-NI process workflow for SPS goods.

Chapter 4 - Questions and Answers

18 minutes

Video Overview

The Trader Support Service team answer questions from the audience.

EU Exit | Trader Support Service update - Supplementary Declarations

In this webinar, Shanker Singham and Frank Dunsmuir from the Trader Support Service give an update on the work of the Trader Support Service and enhancements to the system. They explain the Supplementary Declaration process and give an overview of the tariff options for business, including how you can minimise your tariff exposure.  They also provide an update on the new information required to complete Simplified Frontier Declarations for Controlled Goods. The presentation and slides include links to further advice and training.  

70 minutes
4 videos