Chapter 1 - Trader Support Service recap of the simplified declaration process for GB-NI goods movement

15 minutes

Video Overview

Shenali Jashani gives and overview of the service TSS provides, metrics to date and a recap of the GB-NI simplified declaration process including where the supplementary declarations fit into the process.

Chapter 2 - TSS Transit Service

16 minutes

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Frank Dunsmuir explains how you can use the new TSS Transit Service to move goods from Great Britain (GB) to Northern Ireland (NI) via the Republic of Ireland (ROI) and Indirect Exports from NI to GB via ROI.

He explains how using the Transit Service can minimise paperwork associated with the declaration process and reduce the number of ROI customs processes you will need to interact with.

Chapter 3 - Consignment First Model

8 minutes

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For those moving Groupage loads, TSS has launched a new Consignment First model. In this chapter, Frank explains how this new model allows traders to create and submit their consignments to Groupage Operators and the benefits of this new service.

Chapter 4 - Simplified Frontier Declaration for Controlled Goods

12 minutes

Video Overview

Shenali Jashani gives an update on the enhanced license and certificate information required to complete the Simplified Frontier Declarations for Controlled Goods. She explains the roles and responsibilities of buyers and sellers and provides an overview of the GB-NI process workflow for SPS goods.

Frank illustrates how you can check if there are conditions required to move your goods and where you place these details on the TSS system.

Chapter 5 - Trader Support Service – What’s new?

2 minutes

Video Overview

Shenali provides an update on the latest releases and service enhancements on the TSS system.

EU Exit | Trader Support Service update – TSS Transit Service and Consignment First

In this webinar Frank Dunsmuir and Shenali Jashani from the Trader Support Service give an update on the work of the Trader Support Service and enhancements to the system. They explain how the new TSS Transit Service works to assist with GB to NI via ROI goods movement and Indirect Exports (NI to GB via IE). They give an overview of their new Consignment First (Groupage Model) and provide an update on the information require to complete Simplified Frontier Declarations for Controlled Goods. The presentation and slides include links to further advice and training. 

53 minutes
5 videos