Chapter 1 - The future of the aviation industry

18 minutes

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Watch to hear from aviation experts Nick McFarlane from Egis and Chris Brown, Director, Global Strategy at KPMG on the disruptive changes ahead in the aviation industry, Gary Cutts, Future Flight Challenge Director and the Knowledge Transfer Network on working in partnership to develop ideas, bids and applications. 


Chapter 2 - The Future Flight Challenge Fund

23 minutes

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Gary Cutts, Future Flight Challenge Director with UKRI provides an insight in to the £125m fund which will lead to the realisation of new classes of aircraft.

Chapter 3 - Get involved in the aviation revolution

13 minutes

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Hannah Abson, Knowledge Transfer Manager for Aviation with KTN talks through how companies can take advantage funding and partnership working opportunities.

Chapter 4 - Invest NI’s R&D Support

14 minutes

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Joanne Coyle, R&D Manager for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering provides an overview of the support available from Invest NI. 

Future Flight Tutorial | Helping shape an aviation revolution

Future Flight is a UK Government fund which aims to inspire the next generation of sustainable aviation and revolutionise how we connect people, deliver goods and provide services, using new classes of electric and autonomous vehicles.

This tutorial provides an overview of the Challenge and the opportunities it presents for NI companies from the technology and aerospace sectors. 

68 minutes
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