Chapter 1 - Intro and welcome

5 minutes

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Colin Breen, Director of Environmental Policy Division, DAERA, welcomes delegates to the Future of Food Packaging webinar and introduces the speakers for the day. He highlights the appreciation of so many stakeholders developing more sustainable food packaging whilst ensuring the packaging remains both convenient and attractive. He then alludes to the importance of the packaging being readily recyclable and designed in a way that minimises waste.

Chapter 2 - Update on Extended Producer responsibility in packaging

12 minutes

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Dr Charmaine Beer, Head of Producer Responsibility Policy, DAERA  gives an overview of the proposed reform to Extended Producer Responsibility and Options for a Deposit Return Scheme in Northern Ireland.

Chapter 3 – Are bioplastics the answer to meeting consumer demand for more sustainable packaging?

23 minutes

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In this chapter, Dr Bronagh Millar, Characterisation Manager Polymer Processing Research Centre, QUB focuses on the question, Are bioplastics really the answer to meeting consumer demand for more sustainable packaging? She goes into depth on what bioplastics are and what this means for the consumer. She then highlights how we meet consumer demands for sustainable packaging for the future.

Chapter 4 - The role of Bryson Recycling and Initial trials on the Deposit Return Scheme

15 minutes

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Eric Randall, Director, Bryson Recycling provides an overview on the role of Bryson Recycling. He also discusses the insights and benefits of the Reward4Waste trial and outlines the Deposit Return Scheme.

Chapter 5 - Q&A

36 minutes

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This chapter includes the Q&A session with the panel.

The Future of Food Packaging

Invest Northern Ireland along with The College of Agriculture Food and Rural Enterprise are actively encouraging local collaboration by running a series of sustainable packaging webinars entitled The Future of Food Packaging.

The Northern Ireland Food and Packaging Industry is rapidly changing in response to consumer demand for more sustainable packaging. To meet this growing sustainability requirement there needs to be a closer collaboration between local government, research bodies, manufacturers, retailers and recyclers to identify innovative packaging solutions.

96 minutes
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