Chapter 1 - Intro and Welcome – Colin Breen

4 minutes

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Colin Breen, Director of Environmental Policy Division, DAERA, welcomes delegates to the Future of Food Packaging webinar and introduces the speakers for the day.

Chapter 2 – Coca-Cola HBC Ireland and Northern Ireland’s Sustainability Strategy

17 minutes

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Tom Burke, Public Affairs and Communications Director for Coca Cola outlines Coca-Cola’s Global Strategy to ensure packaging and materials are sustainable. Whilst also considering EU Policy Landscape, International Learnings and Deposit Return Schemes.

Chapter 3 – Films and flexibles challenges and opportunities

16 minutes

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Barry Turner, Plastic & Flexible Packaging Director for British Plastics Federation gives a Flexible Film Packaging perspective in relation to Climate Change and discusses different forms of recycling.

Chapter 4 – What’s Driving Innovation in Packaging?

16 minutes

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Benjamin Punchard, Global Packaging Director for Mintel discusses how brands need to ensure clear responsible packaging communication as the focus of sustainability in packaging moves beyond simply plastic use.

Chapter 5 – Global Trends in Packaging Sustainability

8 minutes

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Professor Pierre Pienaar, President for the World Packaging Organisation outlines global challenges including the targeting of unnecessary packaging, phasing out of non-recyclable materials and the education of the next generation. 

Chapter 6 – Q&A

59 minutes

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This chapter includes the Q&A session with the panel.

Future of Food Packaging - Global Innovations in Sustainability

The Northern Ireland Food and Packaging Industry is rapidly changing in response to consumer demand for more sustainable packaging. To meet this growing sustainability requirement there needs to be a closer collaboration between local government, research bodies, manufacturers, retailers and recyclers to identify innovative packaging solutions. Invest Northern Ireland along with The College of Agriculture Food and Rural Enterprise and the Northern Ireland Food and Drinks Association are actively encouraging local collaboration by running a series of sustainable packing webinars entitled The Future of Food Packaging. 

This webinar is the fourth in the series and focuses on Global Challenges and Global Initiatives for more sustainable Food Packaging Chairperson is Colin Breen Director of Environmental Policy Division DAERA.

120 minutes
6 videos