Chapter 1 - Introduction

2 minutes

Video Overview

Introduction to Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) in Northern Ireland from Dr Vicky Kell, Invest Northern Ireland. 

Chapter 2 - Knowledge Transfer Partnerships - Programme Overview

16 minutes

Video Overview

General overview of Innovate UK’s KTP programme, outlining the benefits of the Programme, how it works in practice in a business, and how to participate.

Chapter 3 - Management Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

12 minutes

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An introduction to Management KTP, a new type of partnership which focuses on supporting local SMEs to deliver strategic, transformational projects which will improve productivity. 

Chapter 4 - Questions and Answers

28 minutes

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Panel discussion on KTP between local academic institutions, the Knowledge Transfer Network and Dr Hugh Cormican, CEO of Cirden, a company which has benefitted from participating in KTP. 

Grow your business with Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a subsidised three-way partnership between a business, a high-calibre graduate and an academic institution which will deliver strategic innovative solutions to achieve business growth. 

Watch this tutorial to find out how KTP works, the types of projects which have been supported locally and how to get involved. 

58 minutes
4 videos