Day 3 - Chapter 1 – Welcome- The Science and Technology of Health

3 minutes

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Nancy Bloomer, Consumer Insights Officer with Invest Northern Ireland welcomes you to the final day in this virtual events series and introduces today's theme - The Science and Technology of Health.

Day 3 - Chapter 2 – Healthy You: Healthy Planet

26 minutes

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Danielle McCarthy presents the most recent evidence in the area of food and planetary health with examples of what the recommendations mean in practice for individuals and considerations food businesses. Opportunities and challenges within this area from research and applied perspectives are shared.

Day 3 - Chapter 3 – Assessing changing consumer trends in the food sector: plant-based and beyond

25 minutes

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Susie Stannard's presentation considers what has happened to the plant-based trend in the wake of Covid 19 and what the future holds for meat and dairy.

Day 3 - Chapter 4 – Novel approaches to increase the nutritional value of baked goods

18 minutes

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Lucas Westphal's presentation includes two case studies that aim to increase the nutritional value of baked goods. The first case study focuses on the application of micronised flour in common bakery products and its impact on product quality. The second case study describes an approach to utilising a vegetable by-product of the food industry in order to increase the fibre content of a tortilla wrap and create an innovative new product.

Day 3 - Chapter 5 – Case Study: Responding to Consumer trends: Finnebrogue Artisan Naked

10 minutes

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Michaela Hazzledine's presentation details how understanding the macro trends & the likely consumer response can help to build a successful strategy & brand.

Day 3 - Chapter 6 – Q&A session

30 minutes

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In the final Question and Answer session of the week, Geoff Spence, Food Business Development Manager, Invest NI chaired a question and answer session with panellists Michaela Hazzledine from Finnebrogue, Dr Danielle McCarthy from Queen's University Belfast, Susie Stannard from AHDB and Lucas Westphal from Campden BRI.

Day 3 - Chapter 7 – Closing comments

12 minutes

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Thelma Fitzgerald, Invest NI's Consumer Insights Manager brought the event to a close by summing up some of the highlights and key messages from the week's programme. 

Day 3 - Chapter 8 - Food Demos – Paula McIntyre

62 minutes

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Fringe Event: Paula McIntyre (Recipe 1: Roast Cod) 
Fringe Event: Paula McIntyre (Recipe 2: Gnudi) 
Fringe Event: Paula McIntyre (Recipe 3: Roast Lamb)

Is Health your Wealth webinar - DAY THREE | The Science and Technology of Health

This Invest NI webinar series organised by the Food and Drink Consumer Insights Team aims to provide suppliers with the latest information, trends, data and insights on the important and rapidly emerging health & wellness theme, as well as provide inspiration and knowledge to adopt the science and technology and develop new products.

Day 3 focuses on the science and technology relating to health and planetary health.

186 minutes
8 videos