Day 2 - Chapter 1 – Welcome- The Health Conscious Consumer

5 minutes

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Hannah McEneaney, Consumer Insights Specialist with Invest Northern Ireland welcomes you to day 2 of the 'Is Health Your Wealth?' virtual events series and outlines the theme - The Health Conscious Consumer.

Day 2 - Chapter 2 – The role of health in your shopping baskets

29 minutes

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Alex Rowberry presents an overview of Take Home consumer baskets, whilst also drawing on attitudes to health and consumption for health, nutrient content of baskets and also covering recent government announcements including HFSS, sugar reduction and calorie reduction

Day 2- Chapter 3- How health and wellness will evolve post-COVID19

27 minutes

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Laura Jacobson and Lucy Ingram explore six hypotheses for the evolution of health and wellness post-COVID-19, global case studies highlighting retailer responses, and implications for the industry.

Day 2 - Chapter 4 – The Foodservice Perspective on Health

27 minutes

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Alice Dolling's presentation shines a spotlight on the health and wellness trend within the foodservice market.

Day 2 - Chapter 5 – Let’s talk about Health

33 minutes

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What role does health play while doing a grocery shop? Lynsey Hollywood's talk explores the nature of people's discourse regarding health while conducting their regular grocery shop.

Day 2 - Chapter 6 - Case Study: ACTI-SNACK - Going Further, Faster

15 minutes

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Bronagh Clarke's presentation goes through t ACTI-SNACK journey from consumer insight & validation to concept development and through to market execution.

Day 2 - Chapter 7- Q&A session

35 minutes

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Drew McIvor from Invest NI chairs a question and answer session with today's speakers. The panel includes Alex Rowberry from Kantar, Laura Jacobson and Lucy Ingram from IGD, Alice Dolling from Lumina Intelligence, Dr Lynsey Hollywood from Ulster University and Bronagh Clarke from Forest Feasts.

Day 2 - Chapter 8– Fringe Event: Mindful Eating with Business in the Community

19 minutes

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Shannon McGowan, Rethink Programme Executive at Business in the Community, talks about mindfulness and leads a short guided mindfulness practice around eating. She invites you to bring a piece of fruit or chocolate to the session!

Is Health your Wealth webinar - DAY TWO | The Health Conscious Consumer

This Invest NI webinar series organised by the Food and Drink Consumer Insights Team aims to provide suppliers with the latest information, trends, data and insights on the important and rapidly emerging health & wellness theme, as well as provide inspiration and knowledge to adopt the science and technology and develop new products. 

Day 2 focuses on the consumer; attitudes, buying behaviour, the retail and foodservice environment.

190 minutes
8 videos