Chapter 1 - Introduction to design thinking

12 minutes

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Our guest presenter Damian Cranney from Big Motive Design provides an introduction to design thinking and an overview of what the webinar recording will cover.

Chapter 2 - What is design thinking & why use it?

18 minutes

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Learn the principles of design thinking as a practice and how it is used by all types of organisations and businesses.

Chapter 3 - Design in crisis

6 minutes

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Chapter 3 is a case study, focusing on how the Department of Health applied design principles in their response to COVID-19.

Chapter 4 - Design for recovery

14 minutes

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In Chapter 4 we look at how you could implement design thinking in your own business.

Chapter 5 – Conclusion

2 minutes

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Chapter 5 brings the webinar recording to a close with final remarks and additional references.

How design can shape your business

We held a webinar with Damian Cranney, Managing Partner of Big Motive and he decoded the principles behind design thinking to help shape our strategy to navigate this new landscape. This hour long webinar focused on how a Design Thinking mind-set is a practical approach that can help us pivot to meet customer and staff needs, innovate quickly and be more responsive in a changing world.

52 minutes
5 videos