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How to use the 7 Quality Tools

24 minutes

Video Overview

In our Operational Excellence webinar series, OPEX Coach Catherine Boyle from Invest Northern Ireland takes you through:

• The importance of collecting and analysing data, to help solve problems in your business 
• What the 7 Quality Tools are and how to use them 
• Choosing the appropriate tool for you and your business 
• Interpreting data trends and patterns you have observed

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Operational Excellence | How to use the 7 Quality Tools

Gathering facts & data makes solving problems easier & considerably faster as it helps create clarity by removing ambiguity, thereby helping you to identify & address the root cause of the problem instead of repeatedly firefighting to treat the symptoms. 

This webinar will take you through seven simple, visual, quality tools, which can be used for data collection & analysis, including how to use each of the tools, how to choose the best one, and how to interpret the trends & patterns you have observed.

24 minutes
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