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Identifying Improvement Opportunities (Waste Walks)

18 minutes

Video Overview

In our Operational Excellence webinar series, OPEX Coach Catherine Boyle from Invest Northern Ireland takes you through: 

•    How to identify different types of wastes in your process
•    What a Waste Walk is & how to carry one out
•    How to apply learnings across different departments

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Operational Excellence | Identifying Improvement Opportunities (Waste Walks)

There are activities within your processes, which consume energy, time, money & people resources in your business, but without adding any value for your customers. There are internal non-value adding activities, or wastes, within your business processes which increase the lead time from receipt of a customer order until you are paid for it, as well as external wastes which are experienced directly by your customers. 

The intent of this webinar is to help you to identify and reduce or eliminate these non-value adding activities.


18 minutes
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