Chapter 1 – Introduction

1 minute

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This chapter provides an introduction and sets out the webinar agenda.

Chapter 2 – Invest NI support

2 minutes

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Overview of Invest Northern Ireland’s Energy and Resource Efficiency support for businesses.

Chapter 3 – How to access the service

23 minutes

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In this chapter you will learn about Resource Matching, including how to access the service, and the five steps to enable resilience and recovery.

Chapter 4 – A green recovery in NI

10 minutes

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This chapter details how Industrial Symbiosis, or Resource Matching, can lead to a green recovery in Northern Ireland.

Chapter 5 – Concluding remarks

6 minutes

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This chapter summarises the detail on Resource Matching and signposts where you can find out more or get in touch.

Chapter 6 – Next steps

6 minutes

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Further information on Invest NI’s suite of Energy and Resource Efficiency support and how you can find out more.

Chapter 7 Q&A

11 minutes

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This chapter is a question and answer session. 

Resilience, Recovery & Resource Matching

This a recording of a recent webinar developed in partnership with International Synergies NI, the delivery body for Invest Northern Ireland’s Resource Matching service. The 58 minute long webinar details the free service, which offers opportunities to convert wasted materials of one business into a resource for another, how it works and how you can access it. There are seven chapters and these will take you just over 58 minutes, but you can do it in your own time or one chapter at a time.

58 minutes
7 videos