Chapter 1 - Welcome

1 minute

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Deborah Johnston, International Trade Advisor, Invest NI provides and introduction to the webinar and introduces our guest speaker, Declan Murtagh, from Digital Brilliant Red.

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Chapter 2 - TikTok Growth

9 minutes

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This chapter maps out TikTok’s growth during the Covid-19 pandemic, and how more businesses are implementing the platform into their marketing strategy to engage with customers. 

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Chapter 3 - Social Media Employees

3 minutes

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The third chapter in our tutorial highlights that due to the increase in the amount of consumers using social media in recent years, businesses have started and will continue to employ dedicated staff to manage their social media channels.

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Chapter 4 - Social Advertising

9 minutes

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With organic reach at its lowest ever point, this chapter outlines the benefits to businesses of putting more emphasis on paid social advertising and smarter paid social advertising.

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Chapter 5 - Rise of the LinkedIn Influencer

5 minutes

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LinkedIn has seen an increase in the amount of active users in recent years.  This chapter explains how 2022 will see the rise of ‘LinkedIn Influencers’ or ‘Creators’ on the platform and it can positively affect your business.

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Chapter 6 - Rise in Social Commerce Demands

5 minutes

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This chapter covers how 2022 will further see brands enhancing their social commerce experiences, from product discovery, click to purchase and after sales support.

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Chapter 7 - Influencer Marketing

4 minutes

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This chapter highlights how 2022 will see the continued trend of influencer marketing by brands across social media platforms such as celebrity and brand ambassador endorsement, and how it is expected to soar throughout the year ahead.

Chapter 7 transcript

Chapter 8 - Social Content and Wellbeing

5 minutes

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This chapter outlines what content formats – long, short, audio, video – will businesses invest in this year. This chapter also addresses the importance of evaluating how long we spend on social media and how it can affect our mental health.

Chapter 8 transcript

Chapter 9 - The Metaverse and other Notable Trends

11 minutes

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While not a social media trend, this chapter focuses on the Metaverse, described as ‘the next version of the internet’.  The chapter showcases how it plans to be more immersive than any other online experience and how it is planned to be used for business meetings and shopping.

Chapter 9 transcript

Chapter 10 - Q&A

33 minutes

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This chapter concludes the tutorial with a question and answer session.

Chapter 10 transcript

Social Media Trends in 2022 for your Business

Social media is an effective way to maintain a connection with your customers, initiate discussions and experience business contact in a way most of us have never done before. It is an ever-changing landscape and every year trends and new ways of communicating emerge.  The tutorial outlines the social media trends of 2022 including social commerce and advertising, the rise of TikTok use amongst businesses, and how you can implement them into your business.  

This tutorial is a recording of a recent webinar. 

90 minutes
10 videos