Chapter One – Welcome

1 minute

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Suzanne McMillan, Regional Senior Manager – Trade and Investment (Australia and New Zealand), Invest NI, provides an overview to the webinar and introduces our guest speakers.

Chapter One - Transcript (PDF)

Chapter Two – The Australian Market and Health System

12 minutes

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In this chapter, Angela Foley, Founding Director of Foley & Associates Pty Ltd., provides a synopsis of the Australian market, its healthcare background, as well as recent and upcoming investment in the country’s medical infrastructure. She also outlines key areas of ‘future demand’ and opportunities within the sector for local businesses.

Chapter Two - Transcript (PDF)

Chapter Three – The MedTech and Pharma sector

11 minutes

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Director of Stakeholder Engagement for New South Wales and ACT at MTP Connect, Dr Duncan Macinnis discusses how the goals and objectives of MTPConnect is to grow the MedTech and Pharma sector in the market.

Chapter Three - Transcript (PDF)

Chapter Four – Registering Medicines and Medical Devices in Australia

12 minutes

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Associate Professor Adrian Bootes gives an overview on the process and procedure of registering and utilising new medicines and devices in the market for international importers. He also outlines the history and upcoming opportunities of clinical trials in the market.

Chapter Four - Transcript (PDF)

Chapter Five – Q&A

22 minutes

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This chapter concludes the tutorial with a short question and answer session, hosted by Suzanne, featuring the guest speakers.

Chapter Five - Transcript (PDF)

Spotlight on Australia

Northern Ireland companies can find a world-leading location for Life and Health Sciences in Australia. It is a market that offers transparency in its regulations, commitment to research and clinical trials, is investing in digital health infrastructure and product and welcomes international collaboration. This tutorial features an expert panel of speakers addressing logistical and compliance issues and sharing commercial opportunities within the sector with a nod to the Biotech & Biopharma sectors. This tutorial is a recording of a recent webinar.

57 minutes
5 videos