Chapter 1 – Introduction & Welcome

1 minute

Video Overview

Kerry Quinn, International Trade Adviser, Invest NI introduces the webinar, our presenters and the topics of discussion.

Chapter 2 – The Singapore Technology Trade Journey

10 minutes

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Nick Caldwell, Head of Territory for Asia Pacific, Invest NI outlines the support available for Northern Ireland businesses both locally and internationally, and discusses the emergence of the technology sector in Singapore.

Chapter 3 – Finance Sector in Singapore

12 minutes

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Sarath Menon, Managing Director, Orissa International provides an overview of the market’s financial technology sector, including how the sector has evolved over recent years and how it is adapting due to COVID-19.

Chapter 4 – Opportunities in Singapore and SWITCH

19 minutes

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Lee Jin Sheng, Deputy Director of Global Innovation Network, Enterprise Singapore discusses the opportunities that are available for Northern Ireland businesses within the financial technology sector and talks about the country’s leading tech festival – SWITCH.

Chapter 5 – Panel Discussion

21 minutes

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The tutorial concludes with a panel discussion featuring Nick Caldwell, Sarath Menon and Lee Jin Sheng, moderated by Kerry Quinn.

Spotlight on Singapore | An insight into FinTech and Tech opportunities

Recognised as one of the most open and competitive economies, Singapore is currently the world’s fourth-largest global financial centre and a gateway location to business growth in Southeast Asia.

This video tutorial, in partnership with Enterprise Singapore and Orissa International, outlines the export opportunities that are available to Northern Ireland businesses within the technology sector – particularly FinTech – in Singapore. It is a recording of a recent webinar.  

63 minutes
5 videos