Chapter 1 - Welcome

1 minute

Video Overview

Glenn Patterson, Early Stage Export and Capability Team Manager provides an introduction to the team and outlines the agenda for the session. 

Chapter 2 - Practical Export Skills

6 minutes

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Deborah Johnston, Programme Manager of our Practical Export Skills series outlines the topics of our practice-based advice and guidance workshops. These workshops give new, emerging exporters the opportunity to develop their knowledge of exporting processes and help more experienced exporters refresh and update their understanding of best practices.

Chapter 3 - Grow Beyond

12 minutes

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Janice Kerr, Programme Manager of our Grow Beyond Programme discusses how the programme is designed to help businesses within manufacturing and tradeable services to develop export sales opportunities in Republic of Ireland and Great Britain. Urban Scale Interventions share their experience of participating on the programme. 

Chapter 4 - Trade Advisory Service (TAS)

7 minutes

Video Overview

Our Trade Advisory Service is managed by Gillian Glass and offers 1:1 support from an export adviser to help identify and address business’ individual challenges to selling successfully outside of Northern Ireland. Kukoon Rugs share their experience of participating on the Programme.

Chapter 5 - Going Dutch

13 minutes

Video Overview

Managed by Sandra Kelly, our Going Dutch Programme is designed to help businesses achieve their first international sales in mainland Europe, specifically The Netherlands.  The Programme includes a group export market visit to meet with pre-qualified potential Dutch partners. Deli Lites share their experience of participating on the Programme.

Chapter 6 - Graduate to Export

13 minutes

Video Overview

Our Graduate to Export Programme helps Northern Ireland companies achieve growth by providing financial support to employ a graduate for 18 months to take forward a market research project that targets a specific overseas market, and is managed by Majella Haran. Ulster Carpets share their experience of participating on the Programme.

Chapter 7 - Live Q&A

19 minutes

Video Overview

This chapter concludes the tutorial with a short question and answer session from the webinar.

Exporting | Support for Early Stage Exporters

This video tutorial is designed for early stage exporters. It showcases the export programmes that are facilitated by Invest NI’s Early Stage Exporters and Capability Team.  As part of the tutorial, local companies share their experiences of participating in the programmes, and how it benefited their business. This tutorial is a recording of a recent webinar. 

62 minutes
7 videos