Access specialist Technical Consultancy support to achieve energy and cost savings for your business.

Businesses can access our Technical Consultancy support virtually. We can help identify how your business can save energy, reduce waste and optimise the use of raw materials.

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Our support allows businesses to remotely access advice and expertise in managing and implementing resource efficiency projects. We will fund a bespoke energy and/or resource efficiency project, appointing a specialist consultant to help deliver specific projects such as assessing process efficiency and plant, examining heat recovery and infrastructures or evaluating electrical supply optimisation.

You can choose from one or more of the nine specialist areas the support is delivered under:

  1. Resource Efficiency and Waste Management Systems
    This category covers all of the areas of environmental management and efficiency.
  2. Efficient Technology/Processing Systems
    This category covers efficient technology/process which reduce business consumption of energy, water and materials.
  3. Renewable Technology Systems
    This category covers all types of renewable energy systems.
  4. Energy Management and Efficiency
    This category covers all Mechanical and Electrical systems associated with buildings and manufacturing equipment.
  5. Investigation of New Technologies
    This category covers all new and emerging energy or resource efficient technologies.
  6. Packaging Solutions
    This category will incorporate for example, packaging design and solutions in terms of eco packaging, light weighting, transit packaging and packaging innovations.
  7. Standards, Accreditations and Systems
    This category will cover for example Environmental Management Systems, Energy Management Systems, Circular Economy, Carbon Management, specific Product/ Process Accreditations, Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Carbon Pressures within the supply chain.
  8. Transport & Logistics Efficiency
    Includes assessments to establish the feasibility of business collaborations. For example, circular economy projects, micro-generation within hubs, such as industrial estates, for shared use of local heat and power generation.
  9. Sustainable Business Collaborations
    This category will cover assessments to establish the feasibility of business collaborations.

Eligibility criteria

The Technical Consultancy support is available to all businesses with an annual energy and resource spend in excess of £30,000. This could include the combined value of your heating, electricity, water, waste disposal or raw material billings.

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Our Energy and Resource Consultancy support is available under a range of specialist areas. Please select the categories of interest to you: