Design Active


Get design support to the value of £10k to help your business grow and gain new customers

DesignActive helps your business understand where and how design can deliver tangible benefits to your business. Work with one of our design experts to get inspired to think of new ways to improve customer experiences, develop new products and audit your communications.

How it works

It provides up to 7 non-consecutive days design consultancy support based around your design need. In addition, support includes interactive sessions, 2.5 days of one-to-one mentoring from design experts and a final exhibition of work with a follow-up evaluation review.

Cost £1,250 plus VAT

Programme Dates

Session Session Type Date Time
1 Group Session Friday 16th March 2018 10am – 3pm
2 Group Session Friday 23rd March 2018 10am – 3pm
3 Group Session Friday 13th April 2018 10am – 3pm
4 One-to-one Session W/C 7th May 2018 Agreed with mentor
5 Group Session Friday 1st June 2018 10am – 4pm
6 Group Session Friday 29th June 2018 12 noon – 2pm

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Call for Applications closes at 5.00pm Friday 17 August


There’s huge value out of this programme…for what the company puts in monetarily and what you get out, there’s an obvious large financial benefit….it’s a no brainer.

- Ronan Cunningham, Brainwavebank Ltd