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Do you want to grow your company through becoming a more effective Leader or by creating a more strategic and cohesive Leadership Team?

We can help you to develop the leadership capability of your key people through our range of flexible learning solutions. Future Activity statistics

Leader Programme

The Invest NI Leader Programme (PDF) is specifically designed to enable SME leaders to grow their business. It offers participating companies an opportunity to assess their performance. It combines one to one and peer learning in addition to the latest leadership thinking from experts and guest speakers.

You will benefit from the advice of an experienced business mentor to assist you in the development of a growth action plan. You will gain an insight into the personal leadership style of your business through engaging with an executive coach. There will be an opportunity to engage in significant learning opportunities with other SME business leaders in group networking.


Leadership Team Programme

The Invest NI Leadership Team Programme (PDF) focuses on developing the skills, strategic focus and relationships of the top team in order to achieve business growth. It combines world class executive education modules, with specialist business coaching for executive teams and shared learning through peer networks. You will have the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with other leadership teams. In addition you will gain a deeper understanding of how to develop and implement strategies that drive sustainability and international growth.


Leadership Events

Invest NI provides ongoing opportunities for business leaders to remain connected while continuously developing both their businesses and their leadership skills. A range of events for the alumni of The Leader Programme and The Leadership Team Programme are organised annually.

Invest NI also hosts best practice events that bring together international and local business speakers to talk about their experience and provide access to a range of assessment tools.

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Non Executive Director or Business Mentoring

You can also gain access to a range of Non Executive Directors or specialist Business Mentoring in order to support your company growth ambitions. Please note, these programmes are open to companies that are currently customers of Invest NI.


Not sure that this support is right for you? Contact us and we can explore options for your business together.

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