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About the exhibition

Invest Northern Ireland is proposing to exhibit at the AED Summit in January 2025.

The AED Summit brings together thousands of professionals for the premier industry event for equipment distributors, manufacturers, and service providers. 

Dealers attend to find new products to distribute, discover what’s new that can help their businesses, and network with industry peers. 

Manufacturers attend to meet with existing dealers and with new potential dealers and service providers, to showcase their portfolio of products and services.  

If you are seeking high-quality distribution in North America, or if you are targeting dealers by offering services to improve their business performance, the Summit offers a superb opportunity for suppliers in the industry to generate new leads, network, and nurture relations. 

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Who should consider attending the exhibition?

The exhibition is suitable for: 

  • Businesses with the materials handling sector 

  • Businesses who wish to find distribution partners 

  • Businesses already engaged in business development in North America 


Details of cost to attend to be confirmed. 

Interested in attending the exhibition?

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A rule or regulation could stop you exporting, therefore it makes sense to find out before you spend any time or money exploring your export options.

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