Meet the companies that attended

We exhibited at the Canadian Waste to Resource Conference in Niagara Falls on June 11-12 with six Northern Ireland companies. The conference brings together over 300 key leaders and industry professionals from the Waste Management, Recycling and Resource Recovery sectors.    

Northern Ireland is home to some of the global leading manufacturers of advanced technology for waste recycling. These companies contribute to a circular economy by developing machinery that can process waste materials into valuable recycled products helping to create new revenue streams.  

In Northern Ireland, you will find engineering and manufacturing excellence supported by a comprehensive supply chain and fused with close collaboration with government and academia. Solutions are reliable and high performing always delivering economic and environmental benefits. 

To find out more about Northern Ireland’s recycling technology, capabilities, visit our Materials Handling page.

Companies that attended

  • CDE will be showcasing their wet processing solutions with applications across a wide range of materials within the natural processing & waste recycling sectors. CDE has been co-creating with customers for over 30 years to deliver unique processing systems, you will learn about live projects in Canada and globally.

  • CK International are the leading manufacturer of waste compaction equipment in the UK/Ireland. They have extensive experience in MRF & MSW projects. Their two-ram baler range is specifically suited to the needs of the waste recycling sector - producing high density bales, plant integration and machine performance reporting.

  • Ecohog specialise in density and metal separation for waste processors globally. Through extensive R&D and concept design in finding solutions to waste sorting problems, Ecohog have developed Windshifter and Metal Recovery ranges. These products are some of the most efficient separation technology in today’s market, ensuring maximum recovery from waste streams.

  • Kiverco Recycling Plant has been World Famous for Toughness since 1993. That means higher sustained purity, more uptime, and a longer useful life for customers. Kiverco consults, designs, engineers, and builds uncompromisingly robust recycling plants for any business in the waste processing industry.

  • Sensoteq designs and manufactures low-powered wireless sensors for remote machine health monitoring, providing continuous measurements of critical parameters such as temperature and vibration on high wear components in a wide-range of industrial applications. The company's products are designed to perform in the toughest environments, withstanding ever-changing and highly challenging conditions.

  • Efficient Feeder to Filterpress Custom-Engineered for wash recycling needs. Converting construction and demolition waste into value with Terex Washing Systems Solutions.

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