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About the exhibition

Eight Northern Ireland companies and the NI Maritime & Offshore Network facilitators will be participating at this year's WindEnergy Hamburg in September 2024.

This event is the biggest and most important event for the global wind power industry and is wholly tailored toward addressing major issues facing the international wind energy sector. 

Bringing together 40,000 trade visitors from over 100 markets, it is the perfect opportunity for our exhibiting Northern Ireland companies to showcase their world-class innovations and solutions from across the value chain.

Northern Ireland has a strong reputation in the low carbon energy sector, with expertise across a range of specialisms, including the provision of non-tidal ports and associate logistics, harbour construction, site and offshore surveys, asset management and cable protection systems.

Visit us at stand 140 in hall A4.

To find out more about Northern Ireland’s innovative capabilities, visit our advanced manufacturing and engineering page.

Companies attending

  • A high-performance maritime design and applied technologies company leading the decarbonisation of maritime.

    Artemis Technologies develops innovative services and technologies including the Artemis e-Foiler electric propulsion system, high-speed zero-emission foiling workboats and crew transfer vessels.

    The Artemis eFoiler system provides up to 90% fuel savings compared to modern high-speed vessels.

  • CASC Ltd are an innovative, solutions-focused framework contractor working with leading OEMs. They have been responsible for mobilising some of the world's largest offshore wind farms and provided ancillary components includng bespoke platforms and access equipment, fabricated quayside equipment for tower mobilisation, power distribution solutions and turnkey electrical installations.

  • Doyle Shipping Group offers prospective clients a service which has already been shown to be experienced, adaptable and operationally knowledgeable. 

    They offer stevedoring services, logistics, warehousing, ships agency, site set up and demob along with qualified experienced operational staff.

    They are developing partnerships with various companies so that Northern Ireland can again showcase that they are already working and developing understanding in this new market area.

  • GE offers a wide range of solutions to monitor and mange critical assets on the electrical grid, detect and diagnose issues and provide expert information and services to customers. Their asset monitoring and diagnostics portfolio includes solutions for single and multi-gas transformer, DGA enhanced transformer solutions and switchgear monitoring sofware.

  • Plaswire re-purpose wind turbine blades, diverting blades from landfill and incineration. The RX Polymer process enables 100% re-purposing of blades for use in construction. RX Polymer replaces virgin plastics, precast concrete, wood and metal construction products. 1 tonne of RX Polymer prevents up to 6 tonnes of CO2.

  • Ridgeway are a long-established supply chain company to the construction and engineering industries across Ireland, UK and Europe.

    Ridgeway specialise in promoting niche 'added value' products and services to the offshore wind and energy sectors with the Kyowa Filter Unit "Rockbag," a credible alternative to traditional methods such as rock armour and concrete mattress solutions used subsea for many decades.  

    Rockbags are widely recognised and utilised solutions for scour and cable protection to subsea assets around energy projects offshore and also infrastructure projects around inland waterways, bridges, rivers and port development.

  • SeaSource Offshore offers a range of vessels, including guard and survey vessels, alongside certified Marine Mammal Observers, tailored to client requirements. Sourced and validated by SSO, these vessels ensure compliance.  Additionally, they provide offshore liaison officers who engage with fishing communities on behalf of their clients.

  • Skylark is a digital operational control software platform that enables owners and operators of wind farms to track and manage workers more safely and effectively. Site-based personnel use their mobile app to complete inductions, check-on and off site and receive work orders, greatly reducing the administrative burden on operational control rooms.

  • Launched in April 2023, the overall strategic aim of the network is to build on existing key strengths and grow the Northern Ireland maritime and offshore wind sectors into a globally recognised industry, delivering market leading and innovative products and services to customers around the world.