Chapter 1 - EU Settlement Scheme

14 minutes

Video Overview

Jonathan gives an overview of the EU Settlement Scheme. He explains who is eligible, the key dates employers need to be aware of and the application process.

Chapter 2 - Frontier Worker Permits and Right to Work checks

13 minutes

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Jonathan explains the definition of frontier worker and details the new Frontier Worker Permit. He explains the criteria for applying, the process for applicants, duration of permits and application grace period.
He also explains the process for Right to Work checks and the implications for employers in relation to non-compliance. 

Chapter 3 - New Points-Based Immigration System and Changes to Sending Your Workers to the EU

21 minutes

Video Overview

From January 1 2021 the UK has implemented a new points-based immigration system that treats EU and non-EU citizens equally. Jonathan gives an overview of this new system including  key criteria for the new Skilled Worker Visa and the cost considerations for businesses. He also explains the rules on sending workers to the EU and key actions for businesses to consider.

Chapter 4 - Questions and Answers

11 minutes

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Jonathan answers questions from the audience.

EU Exit | Employing EEA workers and the new immigration system

Employment law specialist Jonathan Simpson from A&L Goodbody delivers this hour-long webinar, focusing on employing EEA workers now that we have left the EU and the new immigration system which came into force on 01 January 2021. Jonathan will explain the current situation for EEA workers and the actions that are required to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. He will also detail the changes to employing EEA workers now that the new points based immigration system is live, including key cost considerations and actions businesses need to take. 

59 minutes
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