Chapter 1 - Data Protection Recap

8 minutes

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Johanna provides a recap of the current data protection landscape and gives a brief overview of EU GDPR and the DPA 2018. She provides an explanation of the key definitions you need to be aware of and dates to note.  

Chapter 2 - Data compliance at the end of the transition period

28 minutes

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Johanna focuses on the implications of transferring personal data at the end of the transition period. She explains the current bridging mechanism in place for EEA-UK data transfers that was agreed under the Trade & Co-Operation Agreement.

She provides an overview of the UK obtaining adequacy decision to enable transfers to continue normally, or in the event adequacy is not granted the appropriate safeguards/derogation that must be put in place to lawfully transfer data. Johanna also gives an overview of the potential requirements to appoint an EU representative in market.

Chapter 3 - Actions for Northern Ireland businesses and useful links

6 minutes

Video Overview

Johanna provides practical advice that organisations should follow including data mapping, reviewing data flows, contracts and safeguards.  She explains the importance of organisations being pro-active in re-familiarising themselves with this information and putting appropriate safeguards in place by 30th April 2021. This ensures your organisation is prepared for the end of the bridging mechanism period and can be confident it is data compliant. She also provides key links for further information and guidance.

EU Exit | Impact on Data Compliance

In this webinar Johanna Cunningham from data law specialists Arthur Cox, delivers a 40 minute webinar focusing on the impact EU Exit has on data transfers to and from the UK. Johanna provides practical guidance on how organisations can prepare their data flows to ensure personal data can be sent and received lawfully.

40 minutes
3 videos