Chapter 1 - Changes to VAT and Custom Processes

24 minutes

Video Overview

PWC Indirect tax expert Michael McNeill and customs expert Claire McCaffray give an overview of the changes to VAT and customs processes following EU Exit.

Chapter 2 - How to determine ‘At Risk’ Goods and Rules of Origin

15 minutes

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Claire goes into detail on the customs implications of the trade deal and NI Protocol with a focus on the implications of ‘at risk’ goods and Rules of Origin, outlining common issues business are experiencing and what they need to be aware of.

Chapter 3 - VAT changes of note

13 minutes

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Michael McNeill examines the key VAT changes of note that Northern Ireland businesses need to be aware of, including use of XI VAT and EORI numbers and VAT changes with online sales.

Chapter 4 - Trade Deal and NI Protocol on transporting your goods from and to GB

16 minutes

Video Overview

Ronan McDonell from the Logistics Consultants discusses the impact of the Trade Deal and NI Protocol on transporting your goods from and to GB with a brief overview of new systems and procedures.

Chapter 5 - GB/NI Movements – Completing Safety and Security Declarations

18 minutes

Video Overview

Ronan goes into detail on the administrative requirements for successfully moving goods.  This includes running through an example of the process for successfully completing Safety and Security declarations as well as how to complete and create a Goods Movement Reference (GMR) - required to prove all necessary declarations have been made.

Chapter 6 - GB/NI Movements – Parcels

12 minutes

Video Overview

Ronan gives details on the situation for moving parcels between GB and NI. He finishes by looking at the different options for moving goods to GB (such as through RoI), to the EU and to the rest of the world.

EU Exit | Understanding the changes to goods movement

The end of the EU Exit transition period on 31 December means new requirements and processes for NI firms moving goods across borders. Getting to grips with the changes is essential to ensure that your goods continue to flow and you minimise any disruption. Led by PwC and The Logistics Consultants, this briefing will help you to understand the changes impacting on your business and practical actions which you need to take. It will draw on the latest insights and guidance in key areas including customs and transportation.

98 minutes
6 videos