Chapter 1 - Invest Northern Ireland’s Energy & Resource Efficiency support

3 minutes

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Chapter 1 introduces the webinar with a summary of Invest Northern Ireland’s Energy and Resource Efficiency support available for businesses.

Chapter 2 - Invest Northern Ireland’s Resource Matching service

17 minutes

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In Chapter 2 Invest Northern Ireland’s Resource Matching Service is explained and how businesses can access it.

Chapter 3 - Food Waste Reduction Roadmap

19 minutes

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WRAP and the UK Food Industry’s Food Waste Reduction Roadmap.

Chapter 4 - Q&A

15 minutes

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Chapter 4 features the recorded question and answer session.

Food Sector Efficiencies - Reduce Waste and Costs

This a recording of a recent webinar developed in partnership with International Synergies NI, the delivery body for Invest Northern Ireland’s Resource Matching service, and the UK’s Waste Resource Action Programme (WRAP). Focusing specifically on the food sector, the 55 minutes long webinar discusses the economic and environmental benefits of waste reduction and physical resource matching.

55 minutes
4 videos