Chapter 1 – Welcome

1 minute

Video Overview

Chapter one provides an introduction to our Practical Export Skills series and introduces our guest speaker, Una McSorley of Marcomm Training. 

Chapter 2 – Common buyer behaviour styles

6 minutes

Video Overview

Chapter two introduces the webinar topic and highlights the different characteristics that make up a person’s personality, and how it can affect buying behaviour.

Chapter 3 – Recognising different personality types

22 minutes

Video Overview

This chapter outlines the different characteristics of the animals in a zoo and how they can be associated with individuals. It will also explore how you can identify these different characteristics and personalities in individuals.  

Chapter 4 – Pitching and selling to different personality types

15 minutes

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This chapter explains how you can adapt your pitching style to gain new business from different personality types. 

Chapter 5 – Q&A

11 minutes

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This chapter concludes the tutorial with a question and answer session from the webinar.  

How to pitch to different personality types

Funny but true, different personality traits resemble different animals at the zoo. This humorous tutorial explains how to become a more effective communicator and ultimately salesperson by recognising the variety of communication styles used by the animals in a zoo, and how using this information to adapt a sales pitch can lead to achieving better results.

30 minutes
5 videos