Chapter 1 - What is Training Needs Analysis?

18 minutes

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In this chapter Maeve looks at the identification of training requirements and the most cost-effective means of meeting those requirements.

Chapter 2 - The 3 levels of TNA

57 minutes

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This chapter looks at Organisational Needs – the strategic future facing skills we will need to achieve our growth plans; Task Analysis - the aim here is to compare existing skills against a future skill level and identify the gaps and Individual Needs - this is the stage to engage with employees and try and gather their training and learning needs.

Chapter 3 - TNA Methodology

14 minutes

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The aim of this chapter is to compare existing skills against a future skill level and identify the gaps.  

Chapter 4 - TNA Evaluation

11 minutes

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Maeve discusses how to demonstrate ‘Value for Money’ – what the impact is on your business, productivity and people.

Chapter 5 – Q&A

6 minutes

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This chapter features the frequently asked questions from the live webinar recording. 

Training Needs Analysis

This Training Needs Analysis webinar is designed to help you identify the skills you need to teach your staff to strengthen your business during these challenging times. 

Delivered by Maeve Carabine, Skills Adviser for Invest NI, you will get an insight into the tools and techniques used by learning and development professionals to analyse training needs. This will enable you to increase productivity and improve the skills of your people through targeted training going forward.

90 minutes
5 videos