Industrial Symbiosis Service

The Industrial Symbiosis service provides advice on how one business's waste or excess resources can be used by other businesses.

The Industrial Symbiosis service is delivered by International Synergies NI Ltd on behalf of Invest NI. The service allows businesses to let their waste be used to the benefit of another business, therefore becoming a development opportunity rather than a problem. Practitioners work with businesses of all sizes and from all sectors providing advice, support and guidance on resource efficiency, legislation and waste management.

Watch a case study and see how The Jungle NI and Haffey Sports Grounds have successfully used the service.

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Upcoming events

There will be a number of events over the next few months which will provide an opportunity to learn more about the Industrial Symbiosis service and speak one-to-one with an experienced practitioner.

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  • Resource Matching workshop
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  • Hyster-Yale Group, Craigavon
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  • 21 November 2017
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  • A Resource Matching workshop to help businesses work together to reduce costs.
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Resource Matching

There is currently a database of over 1900 Northern Ireland companies with details of their haves and wants in terms of wasted resources. Below are some examples of the resources that have been captured.




Many hotels are left with part used bars of soap. We are looking for solutions for these but if you have the same problem or have ideas for recycling soap then please contact us.

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Rock mineral wool slab

Approximately 30 pallets accumulated and supplied stacked on pallets. Potential uses in insulation or growing applications where drainage improvements are required.

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Redundant equipment

Many businesses have redundant process equipment taking up valuable storage space. The industrial symbiosis service can help find businesses that could use this equipment.

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IBCs (intermediate bulk container)

Reusable industrial containers designed for transport and storage of bulk liquid and granulated substances, such as food ingredients and solvents. They can be clean/dirty and any quantity.

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Paper sacks

Clean or reasonably clean paper sacks are in demand for shredding to make bedding for dogs and horses. Contact us if you have any available.

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Clean window glass can be recycled to produce new glass but there is no manufacturer in Ireland. However glass can be crushed for use as an aggregate or for water filtration.

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Ask our practitioners

Here is a collection of frequently asked questions regarding the Industrial Symbiosis service. Alternatively use the tab above to ask your own question.

What will it cost my company to use the Service?  

Nothing. The service is supported by Invest NI and is free to any business in Northern Ireland. In fact, since 2007 participating businesses have saved an average of £30,000 in operating costs.

Will my company data be safe and secure?  

Yes. Any information that you provide in relation to your company is retained on a secure database and will only be used by the Industrial Symbiosis team. Industrial Symbiosis works by building trusting relationships between you and our Practitioners. Data will not be released to any third party without your prior approval.

Is Industrial Symbiosis just about finding solutions for waste?  

No. We prefer to talk about wasted resources so we will help you if you have or want a wide range of things including, equipment, production capacity, storage and transport, skills, waste heat, sludge; anything that does not leave your business as a product or service can be classified as a wasted resource and we will aim to find a solution for it.

How can I get involved in the Industrial Symbiosis Service?  

You simply have to register with us online, by phone or email. One of our Practitioners will arrange to visit you to discuss waste prevention and opportunities for resource matching. We are also available at regular events including exhibitions and workshops. These provide excellent opportunities to learn more about our service and a chance to speak to our practitioners one to one. A list of upcoming events that we will be at can be found here

I have lots of wood waste. Can it all be recycled?  

Wood can, in most circumstances be recycled although heavily treated wood such as telegraph poles and some fencing cannot. There are four grades of wood waste and we will help you determine which grade yours falls into and how it can best be recycled.

How can I dispose of food waste from my restaurant?  

There have been some changes made to legislation regarding food waste. From 1st April 2016, businesses producing more than 50 Kg per week of food waste must present it separately for recycling. There are ways of recovering this waste, for example through composting or anaerobic digestion (AD). We will help find the best solution for your business.

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