Submitting your claim

Information, advice and guidance on submitting a claim when you incur expenditure against the specific costs of approved activities detailed in your Letter of Offer.

We offer customers two types of grant support, Trigger based and Cost based:

Trigger-based grants

Where you deliver against the specific outputs detailed in your Letter of Offer (i.e. Employment, Jobs Fund and Revenue), we will authorise payment of your grant against certain outputs, following receipt of the relevant evidence.

Please contact for a relevant claim pack as these are not currently available on our website.

Cost-based grants

From October 2016 the way you claim for eligible expenditure has changed. Invest NI have established a set of expenditure policies that will provide clarity and consistency across all our programmes.

The expenditure policies being introduced are:

  • Project labour costs
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Acceptable methods of payment

Invest NI are removing the requirement for you to calculate the Gross Equivalent Hourly Rate (GEHR) when claiming for eligible project labour costs. From January 2016 we have introduced a Scheme Rate for R&D offers and from October 2016 we are introducing a standardised equivalent rate. All rates will be available in the Northern Ireland published rates list (PDF) detailing equivalent rates and scheme rates for all other relevant offers.

Read full information on eligible costs

If you are a University/Further Education establishment or other Public Body in receipt of a Letter of Offer, a policy has been introduced to detail eligible project labour costs and travel and accommodation expenditure. Please check with your Client Executive how this will affect you.

Where you incur expenditure against the specific costs of approved activities detailed in your Letter of Offer. We will reimburse you a percentage of these costs at the rate detailed in your Letter of Offer, once your claim has been processed.

Claim Pack for cost-based grants

This section outlines the following for cost-based grants:

  • The forms you will need to complete
  • The supporting documentation that you will need to provide
  • The guidance available to help you complete your claim correctly

To make it easier for our customers to submit a claim for cost-based grants, we launched a single Claim Pack on 01 August 2015.

What happens after I submit my claim?

We will acknowledge receipt of your claim by email to the email address provided on the claim form. This acknowledgement will include the unique claim reference number assigned to your claim.

A claims inspector will then contact you to advise you on the next steps and any supporting documentation required to process your claim.

What supporting documentation may I be expected to provide?

Examples of the supporting documentation required to process your claim include invoices, bank statements, time sheets and payroll records.

We are mindful of the potential data security risk to customers. We will never ask for original or paper copies, and will only accept scanned copies of invoices, bank statements, time sheets and payroll records.

You will also need to ensure that all other documentation required by your Letter of Offer has been submitted, such as:

What if I am using an old form?

We understand that a lot of our customers are currently claiming on various old claim forms and packs. Please note that we will phase out all old claim forms by 01 November 2015. Any claims submitted after this date will need to use the new claim pack (XLS).

Need help submitting a claim?

Our Claims Team is on hand to assist you with you with any queries you may have about your claim. Please have your Letter of Offer Reference Number and Claim Reference Number (where known) to hand before contacting us on .

We will aim to contact you within two working days of receiving your enquiry. However, at particularly busy times, it may not be possible to respond within two working days.


Our support may be subject to some eligibility criteria.


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