Speaker 1 - Donal Durkan, Invest NI - Welcome and setting the scene

6 minutes

Video Overview

Welcome and setting the scene for the day

Download the presentation - Chapter 1 - Donal Durkin, Invest Northern Ireland (PDF)

Speaker 2 - Mike McGrath, Arvo - Strategic sourcing for Brexit

28 minutes

Video Overview

Mike covers the identification of supply chain challenges and continuous improvement of procurement activities to improve margins and reduce risks in a Brexit environment.

Download the presentation - Chapter 2 - Mike McGrath, Arvo (PDF)

Speaker 3 - Ronan McDonnell, The Logistics Consultants - Transport, logistics and Brexit

33 minutes

Video Overview

Ronan carries out an assessment of Brexit-related risks, analysis of current routes and alternative options.

Download the presentation - Chapter 3 - Ronan McDonnell, The Logistics Consultant (PDF)

Speaker 4 - Philip McNally, KPMG - The impact of Brexit on your employees (Brexit and the EU Settlement scheme)

29 minutes

Video Overview

Philip covers the movement of people and the UK immigration policy post EU Exit, employment contracts and visas, and measures to ensure staff are fully aware of their immigration status post EU Exit.

Download the presentation - Chapter 4 - Philip Mc Nally, KPMG (PDF)

Speaker 5 - Michael McNeill, PWC - Customs, tariffs and taxation

28 minutes

Video Overview

Michael advises on changes to the current regime, export market reviews, use of free trade agreements, potential changes to VAT arrangements, and other taxation issues.

Download the presentation - Chapter 5 - Michael McNeill, PWC (PDF)

Brexit Information Workshop

This tutorial is part of our Get Ready for Brexit series.

It contains the presentations from our recent Brexit Information Workshop held on 14 February covering strategic sourcing, transport and logistics, the impact of Brexit on your employees and changes to customs, tariffs and taxation.

There are five speakers and it will take around 2 hours 4 minutes, but you do it in your own time or one speaker at a time.

124 minutes
5 videos