Chapter 1 - Strategic Sourcing and Brexit

5 minutes

Video Overview

What is Strategic Sourcing and the implications of Brexit?

Chapter 2 - Using tools to help you plan – The Kraljic Model

12 minutes

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Brexit risks and using tools to help you plan – The Kraljic Model.

Chapter 3 - How to mitigate Strategic Sourcing risks

8 minutes

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An overview of how to mitigate the risks associated with Strategic Sourcing.

Chapter 4 - Strategic Sourcing – How companies can prepare

2 minutes

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Next steps for companies to ensure they are prepared for Brexit.

Strategic Sourcing

This tutorial is part of our Get Ready for Brexit series.

It is based on a recent webinar developed in partnership with Arvo Procurement covering the identification of supply chain challenges and continuous improvement of procurement activities to improve margins and reduce risks in a Brexit environment.

There are four chapters and it will take around 27 minutes, but you do it in your own time or one chapter at a time.

27 minutes
4 videos