Meet the companies attending

Nine Northern Ireland companies will exhibit at All-Energy, the UK’s largest low-carbon energy and full supply chain renewables event. 

Northern Ireland is an emerging region of excellence with a range of innovative design and R&D, manufacturing, asset managing, welding, installation, operation, and maintenance companies supplying products and services to support offshore wind energy farms and in the production of green hydrogen from curtailed wind power. 

Northern Ireland ports are ideal locations as logistic bases for Celtic, Atlantic and Irish Sea offshore energy projects and offer access to an extensive range of specialist engineering companies to support your design, manufacture, assembly, fabrication, installation and operation, and maintenance requirements. Northern Ireland has the potential to be a low-cost region in Europe to develop offshore wind due to our infrastructure and supply chain capability. 

We are delighted to exhibit and showcase the capabilities of our companies this year and look forward to engaging with delegations from across the globe.  

Visit us on the Northern Ireland stand B20.

To find out more about Northern Ireland’s innovative capabilities, visit our green economy page.

Companies attending

  • CATAGEN's ClimaHtech is an accelerated system towards decarbonisation that includes production of green hydrogen (not electrolysis), e-fuel, and biohydrogen, a hydrogen compression system, and carbon capture technologies. The ClimaHtech technologies are cost-competitive, utilise waste heat sources and existing supply chain, and produce renewable fuels from wind, water and air.

  • Turntide's Smart Motor System accelerates electrification for high-energy users, ensuring efficiency with a reliable switched reluctance design. This software-driven solution significantly reduces energy consumption, costs, and carbon footprint in electric motor operations, showcasing innovation in sustainable technology.

  • GE offers a wide range of solutions to monitor and manage critical assets on the electrical grid, detect and diagnose issues and provide expert information and services to customers. Their asset monitoring and diagnostics portflio includes solutions for single and multi-gas transformer, DGA enhanced transformer solutions and switchgear monitoring software.

  • PM POWER offer HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) generators, which replaces diesel fuel with a fossil-free paraffinic diesel. This is reducing net CO2 greenhouse gas emissions for generators by up to 90%. PM POWER also offer solutions for reduced noise, increased air flow, fuel management and energy controls.

  • Plaswire re-purpose wind turbine blades, diverting blades from landfill and incineration. The RX Polymer process enables 100% re-purposing of blades for use in construction. RX Polymer replaces virgin plastics, precast concrete, wood and metal construction products. 1 tonne of RX Polymer prevents up to 6 tonnes of CO2.

  • A global blue economy project developer working predominantly with the ocean’s resources to deliver solutions to the climate crisis.

  • Skylark is a digital operational control software platform to enable owners and operators of wind farms to track and manage workers more safely and effectively. Site-based personnel use their mobile app to complete inductions, check-on and off site and receive work orders, greatly reducing the administrative burden on operational control rooms.

  • Copius Group is an international provider of construction, engineering and specialist contracting solutions within the renewable energy, power generation and oil and gas industries on and offshore. Copius' technical team work on all stages of the project life cycle from design through to construction, installation, testing, commissioning, operations and maintenance.

  • As the world faces the immense challenge of tackling climate change, decarbonising heating and cooling in buildings is a top priority. Dimplex supports its customers with highly efficient electric heating solutions which provide alternatives to fossils fuels and can help to maximise the use of clean energy from renewable sources.

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