5 companies from Northern Ireland joined Invest NI at Money 20/20 Europe, to showcase innovative fintech solutions.

Northern Ireland is a world-leading hub for cyber security, data analytics and fintech, with an impressive cluster of international companies and home grown innovators developing and delivering governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions for the global banking and financial services industry. 

The region has the highest concentration of Fintech employment in the UK, with one in five financial and tech roles in Northern Ireland being within Fintech. Such expertise is fuelling the growth of innovative start-ups and scale-ups offering solutions to financial institutions across areas including RegTech, FinTech, InsureTech, Payments, Automation and Cyber Security. 

Northern Ireland attracts international companies due to its exceptionally skilled and resilient workforce, competitive operating costs and vibrant ecosystem. Belfast is ranked as the top destination for financial technology investment projects and the top international location for US cyber security development projects. 

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Who participated

  • BrokerIQ is a SAAS customer engagement platform for Mortgage & Insurance Brokers. BrokerIQ know and understand first-hand the problems Brokers face.

    CONNECT - Clients upload their policies straight to their mobile application.
    AUTOMATE - Send bulk communications to selected clients. Automatically keep track of client communications.
    RETAIN - Keep the Broker in front of the client with communications via secure 2-way in app chat, app notifications, voice and video messaging.

  • Datactics specialises in class-leading, self-service data quality and matching software to ensure compliance with financial regulation, eliminate roadblocks in data management, and add value to enterprise data.

    Backed by their team of experienced data scientists, their platform gives CDOs and data stewards transparency into data quality, and SMEs and data analysts powerful, yet user-friendly tools to explore, measure, transform, fix and enrich data within a scalable enterprise grade platform, on premises or in the cloud.

  • Lightyear is an award-winning 5* rated app that allows Large SME’s and Mid Market businesses to automate and streamline their Purchasing & Accounts Payable processes within one intuitive cloud platform.

    Features Include;  Advanced Procurement,  Automated 3-way line-item matching,  Industry-leading line-item data-extraction,  Advanced Approvals,  Automated supplier statement reconciliation, Instant messaging & notification centre, Mobile approvals, Archive & audit trail and much more.

  • Regtick is a visually intuitive software platform that simplifies the management of complex regulatory and compliance programmes so that organisations can reduce cost, improve control and collaboration and evidence compliance with regulations on an ongoing basis.

    Unlike existing platforms Regtick’s intuitive visual approach makes it easy to see actual progress in real time. Regtick is pushing the boundaries of visualisation software, creating their own technologies giving the viewer the oversight of the end goal of compliance, the ability to zoom in on the specific detail of any given task and the confidence of knowing they are compliant with the chosen regulation.

  • The Robot Exchange have created a number of innovative solutions that assist clients across industrial verticals and across regions. Their DeVol product has delivered the ability to automate client’s manual and menial tasks with a no or low code solution. Investment has also meant their clients now have the ability to migrate from their existing RPA solutions.  and manage any changes to data extracts without further investment, a solution called “Citizen Development”. 

Money 2020 Europe

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