Six companies from Northern Ireland participated in the Security & Policing 2021 virtual exhibition which took place from 9th -11th March 2021.

Hosted by the Home Office’s Joint Security & Resilience Centre (JSaRC), the exhibition is the official Government global security event.  It offered local companies the opportunity to meet, network and discuss the latest advances in delivering national security and resilience with UK suppliers, UK Government officials and senior decision-makers across law enforcement and security from the UK and overseas.

The Northern Ireland Defence and Security sector is a growing industry built on a rich engineering and innovation heritage and offering solutions in Air Defence, police and military personal protection uniforms, access control systems, infrastructure blast and ballistic protection systems, sensors and tracking systems and secure communications systems.

Over the past decade, Northern Ireland has developed a booming Cyber Security industry focused on the research of the Electronics, Communications and Information Technology Institute and the UK's Innovation and Knowledge Centre for Secure Information Technology at Queens University Belfast.

Northern Ireland is also home to defence and security industry leaders, Thales, Spirit Aero Systems, Cooneen Protection, CEM Tyco and Seven Technologies to name a few.

Read more about the Northern Ireland defence and aerospace industry.

Who participated

  • ANGOKA is a UK-based company, founded by serial entrepreneurs in deep tech and cyber security. ANGOKA has been the recipient of numerous awards and grants, underpinned by its patented technology and expertise, and has been an integral part of CAM UK and Future of Flight programmes and consortia.  ANGOKA is seen as an acknowledged thought-leader in the field of cyber security for Smart Mobility and infrastructure, with firmware or retrofittable hardware solutions.

  • AR Live Systems was formed in 2017 by professionals with extensive backgrounds in security, programming, and artificial intelligence. The objective was then and is now to create a platform for the advancement of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality as an advanced AI and AR research and development company.

  • Lava Group is a technology company with unrivalled knowledge and a trusted reputation of delivering high-security solutions across the UK and Ireland.  With over 20 years’ experience, we developed Tephra, a dynamic suite of products that harness bespoke technology and specialist knowledge to promote safer custody practices and to aid rehabilitation.

  • LoughTec secure, manage and connect I.T. infrastructure for organisations throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond. Specialising in cybersecurity, LoughTec helps protect law enforcement agencies and government departments against known and unknown cyber threats, by employing secure file transfer and data sanitisation tools, helping to save time and resources whilst staying legally compliant. 

  • Salt Communications is the first company to provide a solution for encrypted communications between devices with centralised control for the enterprise. Salt’s product provides secure voice, messaging, conference calling, broadcasting and image or file transfers for busy professionals who need to make important decisions on the move.

    Salt Communications is the best armour organisations have to protect trade secrets and other sensitive, strategic and proprietary information when communicating on mobile devices.

  • VML Technology can instantly generate interactive and personalised video for each viewer, while always maintaining full ownership, control and security of data.

    Videos are created, managed and distributed in a secure, end-to-end encrypted platform ensuring full data compliance and control over all video assets. 

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