Big benefits of becoming water efficient


Gillian Stewart
Invest NI
Feb 05, 2015

We’re helping businesses save money and increase their green credentials by becoming water efficient.

How much is water and wastewater costing your business? Could you be more water efficient?. These are questions that every business should be trying to answer.

Water Efficiency Programme

Through our Water Efficiency programme, which recently concluded, we helped 13 businesses look at where they are using water, what it’s costing and how they can manage it more efficiently.

The companies, from a range of sectors, including manufacturing, hospitality, food and drink, construction sector and environmental products, each underwent a water-focused resource efficiency audit and drew up an action plan of water efficiency improvements.


As a result of making changes such as implementing a monitoring and targeting system or installing water saving devices, the companies achieved total identified cost savings of over £260,000 and environmental savings of over 135,000m3 of water.

A number of the companies also received up to five days technical support through the Invest NI Sustainable Development Consultancy Framework to implement actions identified from the resource efficiency audit.

At the closing event several of the companies received a Water Champion Award from the Consumer Council.

View our short videos of some of the companies who took part in the Water Efficiency programme explaining how they benefited from the programme.

How you can become water efficient

We’ve developed a Practical Water Efficiency Guide to help your business become water efficient by working through a simple 10-step process.

The guide gives practical advice on measuring costs, alternative water supplies, monitoring and targeting water use and examples of water saving techniques. There are also case studies showing how local companies achieved savings.

Ten steps to become water efficient

1. Engage all staff in your water saving programme.
2. Identify how much your business is paying in water and wastewater charges.
3. Develop a water balance for your business.
4. Design a monitoring and targeting system.
5. Identify improvement actions
6. Identify water saving techniques
7. Prepare a water efficiency action plan and implement actions.
8. Evaluate the actual improvement action benefits achieved
9. Communicate success.
10. Continually improve by returning to step two.

If you want to find out how we can help you become more water efficient call Invest NI on 0800 181 4422.

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