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Siobhan Mooney
Invest Northern Ireland
May 12, 2017

The latest version of the Invest NI Employers’ Handbook is now available on

The Employee Lifecycle

Regularly updated it is a valuable resource for all employers, particularly small businesses and owner/managers as they rarely have a specialist Human Resource (HR) professional employed. For the larger business it is a great reference guide for their HR teams to check on the current legislation and procedures.

If you are looking for the legal essentials and best practice guidelines for effective staff management you will find it here. You can download free sample HR forms, letters, contracts, policies, procedures and checklists on a range of topics, from recruitment, through to people management and staff exits.

These include useful sample forms such as a job description document, job application form, do's and don'ts of interviewing, job applicant’s letter of offer to successful candidate and a contract of employment.

The handbook is divided into key employment themes and its 23 sections cover the whole of the employee lifecycle and provide businesses with the knowledge and confidence to make HR related decisions which support their overall business strategy and success.

The guide is written in plain English for all businesses and is part of a range of specialist HR advice and support from Invest NI for local businesses. Using the advice and forms in the handbook will help you chart an informed course of action in most HR issues.

The handbook is available on both and You can download individual sections and a range of editable HR documents and templates. The popularity of the guide is seen in that there have been 277,000 downloads of sections of it since the last update in September 2014. It is one of the most popular guides within the entire website.

Further updates to the Employers’ Handbook will be implemented to reflect any future changes to employment law and practice.

Download the Invest NI Employers Handbook from (PDF)
View individual handbook sections on
View HR documents and templates on

The Employers’ Handbook is also available in printed form from Invest NI.

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