Innovative product design is essential to improve customer satisfaction


Helen Moore
Invest Northern Ireland
Feb 13, 2017

In many ways Product Design is where engineering and art intersect – combining vision and creativity to develop a product that is functional, easily usable, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective.

Product design must consider the customer experience and keep this at the forefront of the process whilst ensuring the product functions appropriately – these two factors may not always easily co-exist.

Introducing new and improved products is imperative to grow sales and ensure ongoing business success - it will help drive real value for those that use it effectively. It is well understood now that companies who are design driven tend to be the best performing, and in a global environment with increasing competition and speed of change, this makes successful product design and innovation ever more important.

Customers are becoming more demanding looking for greater product variety – with individual customisation becoming more and more prevalent – and the inclusion of state-of-the-art technology. They make purchase decisions based on a growing list of factors not just price or quality, although these still remain very important. It is the design that takes into account all these customer driven factors and tries to overcome the challenges to set the building blocks for a truly successful product.

The product design process can be labour intensive and will require a team approach bringing the right sorts of skills and experiences together from an early stage to give the best chance of success. The decisions made during the product design process will have huge implications over the life of the product from pricing to the customer’s emotional attachment, each impacting ongoing product loyalty.

If you’re an Invest NI customer why not apply for our Design for Business Programme or alternatively you can complete the Get Design Ready tool which will help you understand the key elements of good design and how to utilise it for better business. The tool is aimed at all businesses in Northern Ireland

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