Grow Beyond helps Invest Northern Ireland customers in manufacturing and tradeable services to understand the process of approaching a market outside Northern Ireland (Republic of Ireland and/or Great Britain) and covers three key areas:

  • targeting and researching relevant market segments
  • planning and taking the first steps to developing a presence in the market
  • finding channel partners through whom to grow business and managing them effectively

The programme comprises:

  • Three practical skills workshops
  • Three days of 1:1 mentoring support to help apply the training to your own business circumstances and develop a Trade Action Plan
  • Presentation of your Trade Action Plan to your fellow participants and Invest Northern Ireland

Grow Beyond is designed for Invest NI customers:

  • with at least two years trading experience
  • employing at least three people including the owner/manager
  • with a turnover of more than £250k and currently selling less than 30% of turnover outside Northern Ireland
  • with a strong interest and willing to invest the necessary time and budget in developing business in the RoI and/or GB markets in the next 12 months

Programme Timetable

  • Workshop 1 - Targeting & Researching Your Export Market - 24 September  

    How to effectively conduct export market research and use it for selecting and targeting suitable market segments in RoI or GB

  • Workshop 2 - Developing Your Export Markets - 15 October  

    What you need to consider to enter the market and service it in the longer term; route to market options; resource planning; pricing strategies and logistical considerations

  • Workshop 3 - Identifying & Managing Distribution Channels & Partners - 05 November  

    Reseller/partner options; how to identify potential resellers; screening tools & and techniques; planning and evaluating partner performance and legal documents to formalise these relationships

  • Workshop 4 - Trade Action Plan Presentation - 26 November  

    Presentation of Trade Action Plans and feedback discussion

1:1 mentoring will take place between workshops to assist application of the learning with one final mentoring session after the presentation to support plan implementation.

Companies selected to participate will pay an up-front participation fee of £225 +VAT toward the costs of course delivery. Two delegates per company can participate in the workshops.

Companies should register their interest in Grow Beyond with their Invest NI Client Executive or the International Trade Regions Team at

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