5 top tips for choosing an export market

There are around 200 countries in the world. How do you find out which are the best export fit for your business?

Start small

No-one has time to research 200 markets, or even 20 but looking into two or three is feasible. Get online and find out as much as you can about who is buying what in your target market. A good place to start your desk research is the UKTI website. For expert support to help you identify relevant market reports, contact our Business Information Centre.

Start close to home

If you’re taking your first steps into exporting it makes sense to look at Great Britain and Ireland, our closest export markets. It’s easier to get information about these markets, to find out what competitors you have there and to understand the consumers.

Start narrow

For example, if you’ve decided to target Great Britain, you might want to narrow your focus even further, to specific sectors, regions or demographics. Once you’ve established your presence in the market you can scale it up by expanding your reach.

Top tip: Ensure you can maintain the service to your current customers as you focus on new markets and customers.

Talk to people who know the market

If you’re looking further afield we have Trade Advisors based around the world who can offer you expert, practical guidance on how to break into overseas markets. And through our partnership with the Enterprise Europe Network, we can help your business to research European markets, and identify business partners.

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