Bring new skills to your workforce with highly skilled international IAESTE trainees

IAESTE (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience) allows employers in Northern Ireland to benefit from brilliant, motivated students from across the globe, who will bring to your organisation new ideas and new perspectives.

You can specify the expertise you need and then select the best candidate for you from more than 10,000 top undergraduates in 1,000 universities worldwide.


IAESTE has helped 300,000 students of science, engineering, technology and applied arts subjects to gain valuable international work experience in over 80 partner countries.

There is an information event at Michelin factory, Ballymena on 12th November and you can register here to attend.

The trainees are highly skilled, ambitious and motivated and bring the latest in academic learning, technical knowledge and innovative thinking to your line of work. They are ideally placed to carry out project and research work and to help develop new business opportunities overseas.

Your business will benefit as you can:

  • Recruit hand-picked, high-calibre trainees for short- or long-term projects at extremely competitive rates
  • Profit from a fresh perspective on sector expertise and cutting-edge techniques around the globe
  • Enhance your export strategies through gaining new knowledge and networks from a particular region you are targeting
  • Overcome communication barriers by gaining international trainees with multiple language skills

Also by hosting an IAESTE trainee, your company also contributes to the development of home-grown talent by creating an opportunity for Northern Ireland students to work overseas.

Let IAESTE take care of the details, contact them now and you can be confident that you will be getting a valuable new team member.

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