CultureTECH 2015 - Northern Ireland's Innovation Festival

Northern Ireland's innovative start-ups on show at the START event.

The theme of this year's CultureTECH was innovation and this was on show at the START networking event that was held in RoCo, one of Derry City's top hairdressing salons.


As well as being the venue for the event, salon owners are proving that innovation is key to developing their own business. In addition to offering top of the range hairstyling, the company has developed a range of of products using natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. They have also diversified into training, providing services to clients in the rest of the UK, Ireland and as far away as Poland.

We are helping RoCo to further develop this business. If you're interested in developing your business overseas, check out the Explore Export event coming to Belfast on 6 October.


It was great to hear Metaverse the latest investor to the North West open the START event at RoCo.

Opportunities for education and animation companies

The EDCON/EDTECH event at CultureTECH explored the opportunities being created in both formal and informal education, and how companies from across the creative industries and tech sectors can play a role.


Local company, Learning Pool talked about its latest technological innovations to further improve its offering within the e-learning sector.

It was also interesting to hear from children's media company Dog Ears about how it has incorporated educational elements within the children's animation Puffin Rock.

Both companies have been helped by us to build their core team and grow their sales in markets outside Northern Ireland.

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