Digital marketing tools can help with the challenges of selling online


At our recent Digital marketing health check events in Omagh and Templepatrick, award winning digital marketer Susan Hallam from Hallam Internet shared her thoughts on the challenges of selling online.

E-commerce is increasingly important to all businesses and subject to far greater attention than ever before. Every click, conversion and sale is being watched with increasing scrutiny. So the challenges are numerous and include:

The pace of change: It’s no longer enough to just have a website. Well-funded and agile, new businesses can move at a pace that’s difficult for others to match. And this ability to quickly go forward pervades everything they do: pricing, offers, website features and product range – they think and act at a different speed. If you want to compete, you have to keep up.

Technology: Choosing the best technology platform to base your e-commerce business on is vital. It is important to partner with a high quality provider that offers a balance between functionality, reliability and cost.

Efficiency: One of the major benefits of e-commerce is its ability to drive efficiencies in a business – to do much more with much less. However you need to make sure there is good integration between the systems you have.

Mobile: The opportunities for mobile are huge: handset activations globally exceed 600,000 per day. A mobile strategy is essential for any business.

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To help with these challenges Susan shared 27 top digital marketing tools that she uses on a daily basis. These are personal preferences based years of working in this field. They range from SEO to social media monitoring, competitor research to conversion rate optimisation. Get the 27 tools.

E-commerce in the United Kingdom was worth 133 billion pounds, or 153 billion euros, last year. This corresponds with a 16 percent growth of the industry compared to 2015, when consumers spent 132 billion euros online with UK retailers.

The reaction from the attendees was, the speaker was inspirational, knowledgeable and the material was very informative and relevant. The workshops reinforced that there are no secrets to online marketing and it gave the delegates a framework of tools and best practice techniques to apply to their own businesses.

We have a specialist ICT team with real industry experience to help you check where you are and what to do next to increase your online sales. They can help with support and advice that will give your users a better journey which will help increase sales and customer satisfaction. To get in touch Contact us or call 0800 181 4422.

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